The Story Behind the Women Lifting Women Series

Women Lifting Women Series
This is a peer-to-peer online support group introduced with the aim of checking and assisting women in business to navigate the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Women Lifting Women Series is a peer-to-peer online support group. This group was introduced with the aim of checking and assisting women in business to navigate the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The forum is my initiative. It’s driven by the role I play as the Director at the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Mombasa in charge of the women’s platform. I facilitate the online meetings every Friday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm, from 27th March 2020.

Generally, women and children are known to be the hardest hit during crisis. In particular, women entrepreneurs take up a number of intertwining roles as mothers as well as entrepreneurs and partners (where applicable). 

Today with the children out school and all of us basically at home, many women are now their children’s teachers.

Additionally, the closure of many businesses coupled with the directive and appeal for non-essential staff to stay at home. This led to a feeling of isolation for some busy women.

It’s an imperative that the entrepreneur as the business leader develops a strong and working coping mechanism. 

Deliberately reaching out to these women opens a door for them to speak and share out their feelings and thoughts in the here and now. The talking and sharing may sound a simple need, but it is key in uplifting the spirits of many women.

The network created forms a bond where we all learn from each other and at the same time become each other’s helper. The shares provides practical help. Additionally, external resources, such as counsellors and others, shall be called upon to help where needed.

Expected achievements

The aim of mobilizing ways of coping should achieve the following:

  1. Reduction of the threat caused by the pandemic.
  2. Elimination of the threat.
  3. Embark on a journey of discovery.
  4. Create and expand each person’s professional network.
  5. Promote mental health wellness for women entrepreneurs.
  6. Enhance knowledge and skills for youth, women and communities to achieve their full potential.
  7. Enhance the economic empowerment of vulnerable women and their families.

I’d also love to connect with you in the next meeting. Come and meet like-minded women entrepreneurs. Learn, share, and get inspiration and support as we walk through the COVID-19 season together.

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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. Njanja

    I must say this was a brilliant and thoughtful idea. I have always been a lover of women empowerment and pro women to everything. So definitely I’m feeling this line of thought. Is time we had our sisterhood going on. Awesome work. “Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game”.

    1. Wanjiku Wambugu

      Thank You Martha,i love the motivation right there

  2. Lucy Mwaura

    Indeed this pandemic has germinated the need for change, adjustment, flexibility to cope and remain afloat. This is a great initiative for women to hear and learn from each other. But most importantly to be assured that “I’m not alone!” That the struggle is real but we’re in it together and we shall pull through together. Great initiative Wanjiku.

    1. Pauline Kinyua

      Thank you Lucy.
      Yes indeed we are in this together and we shall continue uplifting each other.
      We look forward to connecting with you in the series as we continue to explore ways in which to pull through together.

    2. Wanjiku Wambugu

      Thank you gal.I am coping better because i belong to this tribe of women who treasure self care.Be sure to join us every Friday.

  3. Grace Mwaura

    I always say a woman alone has power; collectively we have impact. The truth is that raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll change the equation. Awesome job

    1. Pauline Kinyua

      Thank you Grace.
      Indeed together we stand. It’s great having you as part of this change.
      Looking forward to connecting with you in the series.

    2. Wanjiku Wambugu

      Thank you Grace.You are so on point about the women power.Love it!

  4. Patrick Nyoike

    This is a great Initiative. Have attended a few forums and the issues discussed are practical. Keep up the good work Wanjiku. I hope men can also be speakers…i would like to spend one of the Friday to share some thought on tax issues confronting SMEs.

    1. Pauline Kinyua

      Thank you very much Patrick.
      While our series is primarily intended for women, we occasionally invite men to the forum so that we may benefit from their perspective as well as their expertise.
      Tax issues are an important aspect in the running of an SME. It would be our pleasure to have you as our guest as you share your expertise in this area.
      We shall contact you to iron out the details. In the mean time, keep it here for more updates on the series.

    2. Wanjiku Wambugu

      Thank you Patrick.You are more than welcome to support us.

  5. Eddie Nyoike

    I like the background for this women lifting series you have began.Feeling proud.nice story mum.

    1. Pauline Kinyua

      Thank you very much Eddie. Keep it here for more updates from the series.

    2. Wanjiku Wambugu

      Thank you son!

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